How much does a map usually cost?

The price of a map will vary depending on your requirements. The more detailed or artistic you need your map to be, the longer it will take, and the more it will cost. The goal is to get you a map that helps you tell the story you want to tell. Most maps take between 10-20 hours to create. This includes:

  • Initial consultation by phone or zoom
  • Drafting
  • Mid-draft consultation
  • Edits in consultation with the patron
  • Iterative edits in consultation with editors and/or publishers

The standard base rate for a grayscale line drawing map is $350 USD. This amount may increase based on your requirements. Particularly detailed or artistic maps take more time, and so will cost more. Rush order will cost more, as well. I will determine the cost of the map during our initial conversation, and provide you with a contract. You will know up front how much the map will cost.

I can also produce high quality diagrams, such as family trees an annotated historical maps. The cost for diagrams is most often $50-$100 per diagram, and the process is collaborative and iterative, just like the maps.

For payments from individuals, I require an initial payment of $150 USD to begin work, with the balance to be paid at the completion of the project. I am happy to discuss other options for payment from institutional accounts, and I will gladly accept approved purchase orders in lieu of a deposit.

What do I get for my money?

Custom maps cost a lot of money, and the process can feel like you are turning over your ideas or imagination to someone else. So it’s fair to ask what sort of experience you are purchasing. When you commission a map from me, you will get:

  • A smooth and easy experience. I will work closely with you to determine your needs, to set a timeline, and to keep you updated with progress.
  • Respect for your ideas, passion, and input.
  • Your map(s), crafted to your specifications, and, delivered digitally by email or via a download link, in the flattened (no layers) file format of your choosing.
  • Full rights to use the map as you wish, including for commercial purposes. I retain the right to use the map for promotional, marketing, and portfolio purposes.

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How long will it take?

Most maps take 1-2 weeks to create, from start to finish, but this is dependent on the level of detail you want, and whether or not there is a third party (such as a publisher) involved.